aoife de búrca - jewellery designer/silversmith

Campfire Nights - I love depicting a serene scene from the outdoors and capturing it in silver and gold for someone to treasure forever!

I love incorporating colourful raw gemstones into my work. These are Blue Raw Apatite stones and glisten wonderfully when caught in the light.

Each piece I design and make has been inspired by my absolute adoration of nature and the beauty within it. I am hugely inspired by the various landscapes covering our earth and the depths of our endless nights skies. I also draw inspiration from the ocean; watching a sunset and of course an occasional sunrise !
I work mainly with Silver but hints of gold can be found throughout my work. Combining metals to create contrast is a something I always find visually appealing.
I also love incorporating raw gemstones into my work, it is a wonderful way to introduce a splash of color into my designs. I am fascinated by gemstones/minerals and the array of colors, textures and types to be found... it's truly mind blowing!

I love taking a piece of metal and manipulating it to create something both visually appealing and functional. Whether it's the color, texture or form I always apply my 'organic' method. I begin with a rough design or idea of what I want to create and do some sketches. Beside the sketches I take note of materials needed along with the tools I could use to achieve my vision. I cut my metal, put on my music and get to work. I always allow myself the freedom to let the creative process take over, this allows the design to take shape the way it's destined to!

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